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What is Roman Clay and How much does it cost?

Roman Clay is an eco-friendly plaster finish ideal for smooth interior walls.

Applied using a putty knife, Roman Clay provides a versatile finish able to achieve a wide range of stone, stucco and marble-like effects, making it a perfect fit in both traditional and contemporary settings.

Fireplace and Wall Roman Clay
Roman Clay Application by Venetian Plaster Art in Orange County

This decorative gypsum based plaster is made from natural ingredients, is virtually zero VOC, and lends a rustic originality to interior surfaces. Roman Clay is smooth to the touch with a modeling marble-like effect, comparable to Venetian plasters but with a more subtle, organic appeal.

Hood Roman Clay Irvine
Hood finished with Roman Clay by Venetian Plaster Art in Irvine, CA

Cost may vary from $12-$18 per square foot depending on the applicator's expertise and the project.

Venetian Plaster Art Inc., has 25 years of industry experience installing sustainable luxury finishes like Portola Clay for residential and commercial projects in Orange County and Los Angeles. Contact 310-933-9905 for any questions of feel out a quick estimate form here

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