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Concrete Art

Industrial finishing effects has been one of the hottest trend in Interior design in Los Angeles. The concrete look brings a subtle yet sophisticated edge to your interiors. More and more people are choosing to incorporate concrete in their interiors because it’s a particularly easy material to maintain.

What is Concrete Art?

CONCRET ART is an internal or external acrylic siloxane decorative coating that enables the decorator to obtain surfaces with strong characteristics typical of "fair-face" concrete. The acrylic binder, associated with the siloxane component, ensures CONCRET ART has a high surface hardness, good breathability and resistance to rain water.

How to apply

The application methods enable to obtain effects ranging from the uniform minimalist, to the gently antiqued. The formulation is adaptable to the various requirements of modern building. Indoor is useful in the commercial and residential areas, where is possible to reproduce on any wall the effects of the concrete "washout", "formwork", "smoothed" and others following the current direction of the contemporary style of interior design. Outdoor achievable effects include "fine smoothed" and "medium smoothed" aesthetic solutions in terms of weather resistant. ( resource

How to maintain

As a general rule, simply sweeping away general debris and washing it with a non-abrasive cleaner is the way to go.

Design tips

When you’re looking to highlight texture, the key is to create contrast. In particular, concrete does best when it’s juxtaposed against something natural, such as wood. You should also pay attention to the colors in your concrete and be sure to choose contrasting shades for the rest of the room.

Whatever application you choose for your concrete — whether it’s a fireplace, wall, floor— it should be properly stained, sealed and polished. Venetian Plaster Art ( is a #1 decorator company in Los Angeles that will not only make quality art work, but can help you to chose the right design and color for free.

What do you think of the concrete interior design trend? Will you be trying it out in your own home anytime soon? 

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