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How to Steampunk with Decorative Plaster

When you hear the term “steampunk,” what’s the first thing that pops in your mind?

Usually, we picture the Victorian era and all the great and wonderful inventions from that period. Steampunk also plays a part in cosplay.

You see attractive females dressing up in leather corsets paired a crinoline, and they complete the entire outfit by adding pilot goggles and barrel a barrel gun. Yup, that what steampunk style is.

Eventhough steampunk is still new and elusive when it comes to home design, it is gradually beginning to show its influence in the world of interior designing. Steampunk can simply be defined as the blend of both elegance and machinery.

In essence, this trend is a mixture between elegant Victorian interior accessories and the strength of industrial elements.

If you’re looking to add some totally unique and cool details to your home or the office, then the steampunk interior design style is the way to go.

We created this steampunk distressed metal fireplace to the response of client’s request to create something bold, black and metal. Using INTONACHINO Coarse by Pratta (

Using the the patina and rivets added the essential strength of industrial elements.

We love to create art with decorative and venetian plasters!

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